Angenieux Optimo Zoom Series

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This lens is a beast! Only used in studio mode because of the weight, but it is well worth the picture. This lens covers an amazing range, has a high resolution, and barely breaths. The sleek design and perfectly milled metal allows the user to focus and zoom very smoothly. It requires a studio matte box to cover the front element so this isn’t a run and gun lens. If you have a studio spot and want to use the most convent option… go with this lens. Put a three channel remote system on it with a Teradek Bolt Pro and your 1st AC can literally pull focus from anywhere on set.

Product Details

Aperture: f/2.5 – T2.8
Zoom ratio: 12X
Weight (approx.):  24.2 lbs – 11kg
Length:  440 mm
MOD: 4 ft – 1.22 mm
Image coverage: 35mm -30mm diagonal*
*With 1.4 x or 2x extender, image coverage is S35+ (31.4 mm diagonal)

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One of the most requested lenses in the industry right now. Amazing resolution, little to no breathing, and a great range. This lens covers a nice middle range. It will require a nice short wide lens and something long to be completely versatile on set, but there is a very good chance that once you see this lens on the camera you will want it to live there all day.

Product Details

Aperture: f/2.4 – T2.6
Zoom ratio: 2.7X
Weight(approx.): 4.2 lbs – 1.92kg
Length: 186 mm
MOD: 2 ft – 0.6 m
Image coverage: S35 + 31.4mm diagonal

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This is possibly one of the most amazing lenses that a cinematographer can experience. It has absolutely no breathing even with a quick snap focus. The range is capable of covering an entire set of primes which is a great time saver on set. With this lens the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

Product Details

Aperture: f/2.4 – T2.6
Zoom ratio: 4.7X
Weight (approx.):  12.3 lbs – 5.6kg
Length:  335 mm (PL) 330 mm (Panavision)
MOD: 2ft 0.5 in – 0.62 mm&
Image coverage: S35 + 31.4mm diagonal

angenieux optimo 16-42mm
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The Angenieux Optimo DP 16-42mm Zoom lens is a beautiful cinema tool. It is light weight, short in length, and covers a nice wide range. Taking place of your 18mm, 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, 35mm, and 42mm lenses. This can save your set a lot of time! The picture quality is nothing short of amazing. With very little breathing and absolutely no movement on the zoom action. This lens should be in every DP’s arsenal. Developed to cover the larger range sensors of today’s high resolution cinema world. This lens has an exciting range that can keep any DP, Producer, or Director captivated.

Product Details

Zoom Ratio: 2.6x
Focus Type: Internal
Focal Length: 16 – 42mm
Coverage: S35 Full (31.1mm diagonal)
Aperture: T:2.8 – no ramping
Lens Mount: PL
Field of View: 75.4 (16mm) – 32.4° (42mm)
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.): 2′ (0.61 m)
DimensionsLength: 7.48″ (190mm) (from front barrel)
Front diameter: 4.48″ (114mm)
Weight:  4.2 lb (1.9 kg)


2013 Yoplait Advertising | Rabel Production
Directed by Aviv Maaravi | DoP Avi Kaprick
Optimo 45-120, Optimo 28-76

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. Exceptional optical quality enables the 45-120 to rival the best prime lens series at equivalent focal distances.

. Perfect homogeneity of colorimetry, contrast and resolution.

. Compact and very light (< 2 Kg), centre of gravity identical on all compact zooms.

. For high-end film and digital cameras.

. No breathing, no ramping.

. Focus scale with over 50 witness marks for precise focus position. Easy interchangeable scale between imperial and metric

. Minimium image circle 31.4mm diagonal, perfect for Super 35 film and digital cameras

. Available in PL mount. Panavision, Canon EF and Nikon F mounts available on request

. Compatible with Optimo 1.4x and 2x extenders, and DSLR mounts.

. The precise witness marks and mecanics of the lens and its superior optical quality enable you to shoot cutting edge productions.

. In Super 3T mm format while maintaining your highest expetations of quality.

Product Details

Aperture: f/2.6 – T2.8
Zoom ration: 2.7X
Weight (approx.):  4.3 lbs – 1.95kg
Length:  203 mm
MOD: 3 ft 1 in – 0.94 m
Image coverage: S35 + 31.4mm diagonal

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