Dardo DIT Cart – Bertone Visuals

The MAC OS X graphic user interface (GUI) is displayed on a light Boland 16:9 monitor, whereas the color critical monitor is the Sony Oled PVM1541 Tristar. The DIT or the On Set Colorist can comfortably operate seated in front at both monitor with the luxury of an excellent Tangent Element Control Panel and Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Track Pad.

Finally, regardless if the compact dimensions, BV Dardo offers LTO 5 back up that allows to store 3TB on removable cartridges that get handled by the industry standard software BRU Producer Edition.

Dardo is a state of the art technological DIT cart and makes elegantly much more than what is usually out there in the field.

Product Highlights

Sony OLED monitor for color correction

Tangent Designs Element Control Panel 

Sony PC4 card reader for the F65/F55 Alexa, Canon and RED cameras

G-Drive Thunderbolt

GUI Interface 

(4) Magma 3T Expressbox enclosures

20TB data storage

UPS battery

Macbook Pro 15″ Retina Display

Coming Soon!

(1) Sony OLED monitor 

(1) Tangent Designs Element Control Panel 

(1)Sony PC4 card reader for the F65/F55 Alexa, Canon and RED cameras

(1) G-Drive Thunderbolt

(4) Magma 3T Expressbox enclosures

(1) Macbook Pro 15″ Retina Display


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One of the most complete DIT cart is now finally available for rentals. Dardo is a solution for feature films and high end commercials shot in Raw 16-14-10 bit. It has been designed with the Arri Raw and Sony F65 workflow in mind and besides its data management and editing features BV Dardo is also capable of becoming a Mobile Color Correction suite for On Site Colorists. 
          Dardo is the ideal partner for shooting with the Bertone Visuals Alexa Plus with the Codex since it has the Codex VFS software pre-loaded and the Codex SAS Transferring Station. The captured 3K Arri Raw footage can be stored in the 20 TB raid 5 (all constituted by 3TB corporate rated hard drives) and through the Virtual File System software from Codex Digital it is possible to transcode in Apple Pro Res or Avid DNxHD with plenty of embedded metadata, LUTs, ALE and CDL files. Moreover , it is possible to process the same tasks with the Sony CineAlta 16 bit 4K Raw files sources using a combination of software and hardware such as Sony SR-PC 4 (10Gigabit Ethernet or eSata), Sony SR-D1 (USB 3.0 or eSata) and Assimilate Scratch Lab running on the MacBook Pro 15” Retina Display. The cart has multiple input/output pci video cards and a Aja Break Out Box that makes possible not only to edit with the Adobe CS6 Production Suite, but also to grade in Da Vinci Resolve v. 9 or create LUTs and using Assimilate Scratch Lab for dailies and sound synchronization.

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