Freefly MoVI Controller

Freefly MoVI Controller

Full carbon fiber construction
Precision joystick
High-resolution focus knob
Zoom control rocker
Shutter / record start-stop button
Long-range wireless link (1200 ft)
Real-time telemetry from the MōVI
Hardpoints for mounting monitor and accessories
Optional IDX mounting plate for powering via IDX batteries
Assignable switches and potentiometers to allow user customization
5V USB power output
Tripod mount
Neckstrap for mobile operation

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The Freefly MoVI Controller by Freefly Systems has proved itself to be yet another one of Freefly’s amazing support accessories. This piece of hardware, molded from carbon fiber, is exactly what you need for your MoVI shots. It comes complete with full FI+Z control as well as complete access to any MoVI menu for setting adjustment at any time! To make things even easier, all the controller requires is one battery to power all the accessories you want to add from monitors to wireless controls. With easier manipulation over your standard pan,tilt and roll, the 2-man operation has never been simpler to conduct when the only thing the person holding the MoVI has to think about is framing. With assignable dials and a precision joystick, executing precision moves has never been more fun using the Freefly MoVI Controller !

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