Heden HLC Single Channel Lens Control System

Weight: 500g
Length: 160mm
Width: 69mm
Height: 45mm
Input Voltage: 10-30V
Connector: Lemo Size 1B

1)Heden HLC DA TX Handset Transmitter
1)Heden HLC DA RX Receiver
1)Heden M26VE Lens Motor
1)Heden Motor Mount Bracket w/15mm Bushing
1)Heden Lens Gear 0,4
1)Heden Lens Gear 0,5
1)Heden Lens Gear 0,6
1)Heden Lens Gear 0,8
1)BP–911 Battery
1)SG-IC032 Battery Charger
1)AC Cable
1)Car AC Adaptor
1)European AC Adaptor
1)Anton Bauer D-Tap to Male 2-Pin 0B Lemo Cable
1)Motor Male 7-Pin 1B Lemo to Male 7-Pin 1B Lemo Cable 24″
1)Motor Male 7-Pin 1B Lemo to Male 7-Pin 1B Lemo Cable 10′
5)Marking Disc

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Hedén HLC single channel is a digital high precision Focus or Iris Control unit.

  • high precision null-seeking closed loop servo system providing perfectfocus.
  • Alternative use as an Iris control
  • Bluetooth secure wireless link via built in antenna (range up to 100m)
  • Standard type Li-ion Canon battery with quick change function.
  • Direct cable operation to motor no external power needed
  • Lens auto or manual calibration with digital or manual pre-sets
  • LED illuminated scale ring
  • Quick change marking rings
  • Intelligent power sleep modes
  • Robust design
  • CE-approved

The HEDÉN M26VE is a high resolution digital vertical oriented lens servo

  • The M26VE is compatible with appropriate digital drive systems like Preston FIZ, Chrosziel Aladin, C-motion etc
  • No tools needed for mounting
  • Interchangeable snap-on gears with automatic lock action to be mounted on either side of the motor. Superior single gear design
  • Integrated adjustable bracket
  • High torque
  • Very quiet
  • Lightweight and small size
  • The M26VE is delivered with 4 snap-on gears, modules 0.8 – 0.6 – 0.5 – 0.4 and inserts for 19/15 mm and 5/8 inch rods
  • Inserts for 0.5 inch rods (optional)
  • X-tra large diameter gears and offset spacer (optional)


Heden HLC Single Channel Lens Control System

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