SR Media

High Security:
The SRMemory series has a powerful built-in data salvage system which means that precious images and data can be retrieved in the event memory chip failure caused, for example, by power loss. 
To prevent unauthorized access to content, SRMemory cards and the files they hold can be password protected. SRMemory also reports back to the F65 about the memory card status.
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256GB capacity card with a guaranteed write speed of 1.5Gbps

512GB & 1TB capacity cards with a guaranteed write speed of 2.5Gbps

256GB, 512GB and 1TB capacity cards with a guaranteed write speed of 5.5Gbps

SRMemory – High-speed, Highcapacity Removable Storage SRMemory cards are unique in the industry for achieving a guaranteed read/write speed of up to 5.5 Gbps, and offering a storage capacity of up to 1 TB, within a smaller, lighter removable device than is typical in personal digital assistants (PDAs). 
Unlike other general purpose IT memory cards, SRMemory card guarantees the data throughput at the speed specified throughout the cards lifetime. 
All thanks to the Sony proprietary memory control algorithm. With this extreme recording/ playback capability, SRMemory cards are ideal storage devices for multiple HD camera work including 3D production, high frame rate digital cinematography, and high-resolution digital cinematography.
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