VCLX Block Batteries

Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride
Output Voltage 14.4 VDC on a 4-Pin XLR
28 VDC on a 3-Pin XLR
Both Voltages on an 8-Pin Lemo
Connection 14.4 VDC on a 4-Pin XLR
28 VDC on a 3-Pin XLR
Multi-Pin for Charger Connection
Both Voltages on an 8-Pin Lemo
Capacity For 14.4 V output: 560 Wh, 38 Ah 
For 28 V output: 336 Wh, 19 Ah
Weight 25 lbs.
11.7 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 12.7 x 2.25 x 8.5″
32.3 x 14 x 25.3cm
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The Anton Bauer CINE VCLX CA is an advanced battery for film and video applications. This battery offers 28VDC cine and 14.4VDC video capabilities. It features Anton Bauer diagnostics, protection and a rugged case design. This version is a specialized battery for the Sony Cine Alta camera system.
Cine Alta: The specialized CINE-VCLX-CA version is specifically designed for use with the Sony F-23 Cine Alta camera. This battery supplies both 28 and 14VDC on a single cable, via an 8 pin Lemo connector along with a single 28VDC 3-pin and a 14VDC 4-pin.

Microprocessor: The microprocessor accurately monitors energy distribution of the battery. Therefore, this battery “learns” it’s own parameters and communicates with the charger for optimum performance.

Dual Voltage: This battery offers 28VDC cine voltage on a 3-Pin XLR and a 14.4VDC video voltage via 4-Pin XLR connectivity.

Case Design: The design of this case protects the cells from impact and transportation situations.

Protection: A low voltage cut-off of 12VDC protects the battery against electronic damage.
Note! This battery can only be charged by the VCLX charger and needs the CA-GBC cable for charger


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