Weaver Steadman 2 Axis Fluid Head

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The Weaver Steadman 2-Axis Fluid Head is a sturdy rig that can handle the biggest and heaviest of set ups with a maximum weight capacity of 120 lbs (54 kg). It allows for pan, tilt, and 360° rotations. The kit includes different camera plates and a lateral plate to accommodate most camera configurations. The optional 3rd Axis module that adds Dutch angle rotation.

Product Details

Height (Minimum Configuration): 2′ 1″

Width (Minimum Configuration): 1′ 9″

Depth (Minimum Configuration): 1′

Weight: 61 lbs. (28 kg)

Payload Capacity: 120 lbs. (54 kg)

Pan Range: 360°

Tilt Range: 360°

Mounting Base: Mitchell

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