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I had the privilege of meeting Sean Bobbitt whilst attending NYFA during a private screening of 12 Years of Slave, which was followed by Q&A.

Sean Bobbitt has been behind the camera for a good part of three decades, starting as a news cameraman in the 1980’s. He began working as a cinematographer in the late 1990’s and it was in 2002 when he started his collaboration with Steve McQueen on films such as Western Deep (2002), Hunger (2008) and Shame (2011). It was his work on 12 Years of Slave (2013), which he is most known for and has filmmakers and cinematographers alike discussing his creative techniques.

The video is a 90 minute ARRI workshop where Sean Bobbitt was invited to discuss the art of hand held cinematography and its place in filmmaking.

It’s a must watch if anyone is serious about filmmaking, from directors to cinematographers I would highly recommend finding a spare 90 minutes sitting by yourself, or your super cool hipster film buddies, and listening in to what he has to say.

Hand Held Cinematography Video

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